Smarter Typing Services

When you outsource your typing to Capital Typing, you get more than just a typing service. You get smart integration of your typing into your business process. We provide typing services on demand, for large, small, ongoing, or ad hoc typing projects. We can also provide more value-added services to make our typing work a better value for you. This includes:

Document management solutions. We can work with your existing document management software or cloud-based service, or consult with you to create a new document management solution that meets your organization’s needs. The benefit is a complete, end-to-end solution where we take care of typing projects within your document system. We will access source documents there and place our completed documents there for easy access by personnel in your organization who need them.

Editing and formatting services. We are experts and editing and formatting documents according to any specifications. We can standardize outputs to meet your requirements so that all you have to do is provide the content, in any format. We’ll handle typing and put it into the right format, while taking care of any editing of the content itself to meet specifications.

Tagging and indexing. Our typing services will produce digital copies of your handwritten, printed or other hardcopy content. Often, this digitization process is done to create a searchable database. Our tagging and indexing services are an added value to the search process, making it easy to organize files according to content, for convenient integration into the various business processes in which your organization uses the data being produced.

Smarter typing services make high quality, accurate, fast and reliable typing an integral part of your business process, because we understand the role that your important documents play in the business process. We understand how to put that content to work for you by making sure that files are always accessible, on demand, for personnel who need it. That’s the smarter advantage we deliver.

Take a look at the services we offer:

Foreign Language Typing Services

Legal andMedical Typing Services

Handwritten Content Typing Services

Document Scanning and Typing Services

Optical Character Recognition Typing Services


100% Reliable

We offer one of the most best BPO service in the world

100% Accuracy

Our transcription has always maintained 100% accuracy

100% Guarantee

Respond to changing operational requirements smoothly and quickly.


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We have been designing and implementing smart business process have been designing and implementing smart business process. We have been designing and implementing smart business process have been designing and implementing smart business process

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