Smarter Bookkeeping Solutions

Our bookkeeping solutions are designed to make bookkeeping an integral part of a comprehensive process management system for your business. The point is control. We want you to know what you are spending and where you are spending it, so you will be able to make smart decisions about how to run your business, based on the overall goal, which is, of course to make money.

Businesses want to make money. That means you want your operations to be as efficient as possible. But the problem with traditional bookkeeping is that it treats bookkeeping as a separate operation from the rest of the business, simply collecting financial data from the business and processing that on its own.

Smarter Bookkeeping from Capital Typing is designed to eliminate the distance between bookkeeping and the rest of the organization. We have designed a system of fully integrated bookkeeping, which interacts both ways with the other departments, so that financial information will be able to inform and guide decision-making in a more meaningful way. Key metrics across every department come together, including:

Personnel productivity and payroll costs.

Use of material and company resources.

Third party vendor expenses.

We call it Full Contact Bookkeeping, because your financial reporting and analysis will be in contact with every part of your operation, allowing you to find out everything you need to know about where your money is being spent, and what is being produced by that investment. This way, you’ll be able to elevate your analysis to the next level and make smart decisions about how to optimize performance of your various systems as well as financial accountability throughout your entire operation.

Administrative Support.

Filing, data processing, and office management.


Process and project management.

Inventory, systems and store management.

Virtual Assistant and Paralegal.

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