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Business Process Outsourcing

You never know when and how your business will need to grow. Marketing, customer support, production, management, or any other level may need to be scaled up (or down, by the way) at any moment depending on conditions in the market, and your changing plans for the development of your business. A strong operational foundation allows you to adapt cleanly and flexibly to changes as they occur, so that your business can always be on the cutting edge.

Business that responds quickly to new initiatives and developments will be the proverbial early bird that catches the worm. But too many businesses today, especially larger ones, find themselves unable to respond in time. Changes take so long that the conditions which motivated them are no longer as relevant by the time they come into effect. Such a business is unwieldy and hard to manage.

This is why modular BPO from Capital Typing is so important. We have studied the BPO industry deeply and developed our solutions to scale up or down quickly and easily, which means that our clients enjoy that same agility in their businesses when they use our service. Each module is designed to be a self-contained unit, with scalability built in, and with easy integration with each other module, so that we can quickly ramp up or expand the scope of our operations without any difficulty. The team, tools, technology, and strategy are already in place for your business to grow:

Data management

Software and computing


Clerical solutions

Customer support

Process management and administration

Filing and core office process functions

Our BPO consultation emphasizes modular strategy in business as a general best practice for flexibility and ease of growth. Businesses that are ready for change and ready for success. This is our plan for your business.


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