Presenting Data for Optimal Usability

In the world of data systems and management there is strong emphasis on the distinction between data and information. Data is cold and impersonal. It’s there for you to work with, to figure out how to use and how to integrate into your process so that you can get positive results for your business. But information is data that has already been organized and presented in the right way, to tell you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, in exactly the perfect format to be understandable and actionable by your teams.

When we do your data entry project, our goal is not only to produce highly accurate, reliable, quality data, but more importantly to organize and present that data in a way that informs your business process. We want to produce information that feeds your business and drives business success. That is always the ultimate goal. So when we sit and talk with you about your data entry project, from day one, our focus will be on understanding, ultimately, how that data will play a role in your operations. And we will design the entire data entry process with that goal in mind. 

This is the information age. There is always going to be way more information out there than what we can manage effectively.  You need just the right information and you need it presented in just the right way. Our analysis of your data entry project will involve the following key elements:

Understanding the source data. What is available? Where can it be found? How easy is it, what steps are required to access the data in its current source locations?

Understanding how the data will be used in your operations, how it becomes information (to inform your business process). 

The data entry project process, which will get us from source data, wherever it may be, in whatever format it may be, to the desired target data format.